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Path to the Sky is an upcoming game being created and developed by DEKDEV. It is set to be released on PC/Mac through Steam for the price of $9.99. It is expected to be released on Steam Early Access in February 2016.


In Path to the Sky, you'll play the role of a hired crewman aboard a spice trading vessel sailing the Indian Ocean during the 17th century. While on route, the ship is sacked and plundered by buccaneers. The vessel is sunk and its crew is lost to the sea. Alone, you find yourself stranded on the beach of an unknown island. This is where the adventure begins. The player's main objective is, of course, to stay alive and ultimately ascend to the topmost portions of the island in hopes for a rescue. However, things get complicated quickly as it turns out that the island is inhabited by various kinds of hostile birds which seem none too happy about your encroachment on their island home. Path to the Sky classifies as a procedurally generated roguelike platformer, which inherits many of the things we associate from classic roguelikes, such as replayability, randomly generated items and levels; and, of course, swift and painful death. Permadeath to be more specific. You'll have only one shot to make it to the top, so you'll need to make it count.


  • Full procedural generation. A new, infinite world, every time you play.
  • Round o clock day and night cycle with randomized atmospheric and weather effects. Enemy AI adjusting accordingly.
  • Retro pixel art mixed with modern shading techiques and naturalistic effects.
  • Crunchy but shiny sound effects by myself and melodic chiptunes by Yoann Turpin. (OST is available on :
  • Cool as hell box2d physics that make everything go boom and wiggle around.



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